MUltiselect reorder

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    MUltiselect reorder

    Hi guys,

    It seems that your Multiselect Drag and Drop reorder examples don't reorder :) (on all different frameworks)

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    Hello Martin!

    It reorders to me! Are you using a specific browser/os combination that makes it fail?

    In case it is confuse for you, by "reordering" in the sample it means: list which allows drag-and-drop manual reordering. That is, you can drag items from last position to middle and they will retain that position you dropped, and also when dropping from one list to the other; the place it was dropped it would keep on.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    My mistake .. I thought it meant that it sorted 1 to ... (so nicely the right order)

    Please close the thread :)


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