ASP.NET 5 and WebForms

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    ASP.NET 5 and WebForms

    I checked both threads about the topic here and I got understanding that you plan to support MVC 6
    It might be bit difficult task and will take you some time (once final version of aspnet 5 is out) but your plan is to do the best to make it work

    Now - what about webforms?
    As far as i understand 5 does not have webforms.
    BUT I'm thinking how much of webform technology you are actually using.
    So is there anything that would break Ext.NET webform version to work?
    (possibly there could be something - but will it stop you from building - even limited - webform version?)
    Any idea or note welcome, if too early stage feel free to ignore this question

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    Hello @Evelyn!

    Lots of things are going on with ASP vNext, Asp.Net 5, or ASP .NET Core 1. So many names, single product. They also renamed webforms in the process. They call it now "Web Pages". So, we are pretty sure that even though with another name, WebForms will still be supported in the next release of ASP.Net, no matter what names it gets in the end. :)

    This support the affirmative: Roadmap - aspnet. Although, of course, we have to wait and see.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Evelyn,

    Thanks for the comments and questions.

    Our position at the moment is wait-and-see. There's just too many changes happening within the stacks and we cannot devote the resources into supporting these changes until things settle out. That's going to take some time.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    thanks for all you guys

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