Ext.Net Grid Panel Columns Not Working After Upgrading to Ext.Net 3.3.0 version

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    Ext.Net Grid Panel Columns Not Working After Upgrading to Ext.Net 3.3.0 version

    I was using Ext .Net dll 2.5.3. I am populating Ext .net grid with static & custom/dynamic columns value in it.
    This grid populates static & dynamic columns very well with 2.5.3 but when I tried to use latest Ext .net dll 3.3.0 I have an issue with dynamic columns.
    I can not see dynamic columns rendered on grid and I can see only "Loading" event mask is running on grid.

    Below sample code is used to load data in grid
     Grid.Store[0].DataSource = LoadData();
    public DataTable LoadData()
    DataTable dt= new DataTable();
    foreach(string data in datasource){
    DataRow dr =dt.NewRow();
    Return dt;
    I have created columns like this

       this.ColumnModel.Columns.Add(new Column()
                        ID = "ColumnBase_" + month.ToString("MMyyyy"),
                        Text = month.ToString("MM/yyyy"),
                        ToolTip = month.ToString("MM/yyyy"),
                        Width = this.GridInfo.MonthColumnWidth * ColumnsPerMonth,
                        MenuDisabled = true,
                        Hideable = false
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Name:	Columns_Render_In_2.5.3.JPG 
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    Hello @imran10! Welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    Just a little feedback before I dig into your question:
    - Ops! You posted on Ext.NET 4 forums a question you had to the version 3! No problem, just moved your thread to the correct forum.
    - When pasting code samples in your posts, it is good practice to wrap them between [ code] tags, it makes your code much more readable, and allows us to have a nice 'copy to clipboard' button to copy the whole code in one click. Also, reviewing the indentation is really appreciated!. I'm not going to change your indentation but I'll review your post with the code tags as well!

    I hope to bring you a good solution next.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello again @imran10!

    I've given a good look on your code but couldn't infer anything wrong from what you shown.

    What I can think of helpful maybe is showing you a working example using DataTable: GridPanel using DataTable with Paging and Remote Reloading.

    The way it works now is most likely different than how it was from Ext.NET 2.x. That is expected to happen in many cases between major version changes. It may apply either or both to the data binding way or dynamic columns creation -- usually a slight change that needs to take place.

    If the above example does not help you, I'm afraid we'll require more info. It would be best if you could provide a simple runnable example showing how the columns are not created. This way, we can run the example here, see it happening, and provide you with proper advice on how to overcome the issue!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Thanks Fabrico for your feedback and reply...
    Sorry for the blunder posting on Ext.NET 4 forum & not adding code tag and indentation. Will make sure while posting next time......

    I have gone through the example "GridPanel using DataTable with Paging and Remote Reloading." but did not find any think substantial.
    We are using the ext.net in our existing asp.net web forms application & will have to create one sample for posting on forum.
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    Okay, sorry for taking long to reply this! Well, actually we eager to see your test case so we can reproduce and provide your better advice on how to proceed, so don't hesitate on updating this once you have wrapped the test case!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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