[CLOSED] 4.X SVN Repository URL

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    [CLOSED] 4.X SVN Repository URL


    Well, It's an easy question... exists an SVN Url for v4 repo?

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    Hello Alfredo! Welcome to Ext.NET Forums!

    We are not hosting Ext.NET 4 code on SVN. We are moving up to modernize not only Ext.NET but also its source control, so we moved to GitHub. In fact, we moved all Ext.NET source base (v1, v2, v3 as well) to GitHub and keep the older versions in sync with SVN, but we are purposely keeping Ext.NET 4 in GitHub.

    Of course, it is a private repo, and we are already testing premium users' access to it as people adhere to the version! If you got an Ext.NET 4 subscription, you'll soon have access to the GitHub. For now, we are contacting users directly about GitHub access but we are going to have it 100% implemented before final release so everyone with subscription can get the full code!

    With GitHub, even if you don't have the version control tools on your side, you are able to log on the site and download a snapshot via your preferred web browser, or easily maintain private forks of the repository if you need to do your own modifications to the base code, so we are pretty confident that this change is going to bring a lot of good for everyone!

    If you have any further inquiries about this subject, let us know. If you are a premium subscriber and want github access, you'll be contacted soon with instructions on how to do so.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Ok, it's clear, thanks!

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