ExtJS Modern API Support

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    ExtJS Modern API Support

    Will Ext.Net 4 support the Modern API of ExtJS 6? It'd be great to be able to build mobile apps with a single framework.
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    Will Ext.Net 4 support the Modern API of ExtJS 6?
    Yes. The Ext JS Modern API will be supported in Ext.NET 4, although as a separate installable product This new product will be Ext.NET Mobile and will be included with all Ext.NET 4 Enterprise Licenses.

    You will not be able to run Ext.NET 4 and Ext.NET 4 Mobile in the same WebForms or MVC project. You would typically build two separate front-end user-interface projects, each dedicated to their target platform (desktop vs mobile).

    The two api's (Modern vs Classic) share a lot of base code, although once you get to the Component level, they're significantly different. Modern (Mobile) does not have the depth of Components or properties that Classic (Desktop) does, because much of Classic would does not translate well to a Mobile interface, or is not required on Mobile.

    At the moment we do not have a release date for Ext.NET Mobile, although it a huge priority for us and our goal is to release a Preview as soon as possible. It's going to take a while, so please do not expect until late Q2 2016 or early Q3. Once we know more, we will update this thread with availability.

    1. Ext.NET Mobile is coming
    2. Ext.NET Mobile will be a free upgrade for all Ext.NET 4 license holders

    If you're interested in Ext.NET 4, it is currently on Sale and this sale price will be the lowest price we will ever be able to offer Ext.NET Enterprise. Purchasing now will save $500 USD, and you'll be first in line to receive a free upgrade to Ext.NET Mobile once available.


    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Thanks for that, it certainly does help and is exciting.

    When you mentioned they share base code, will these be done in a way so that we can get some code reuse between our Mobile/Desktop views. Eg Stores and Models which are shared between a desktop and mobile site?
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    There will certainly be some code reuse between the two libraries.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Any news on this? Release date?
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    Ext.NET Mobile is under development and we will be releasing a Beta soon. No firm release date, but things are looking good.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Ext.NET Mobile - Beta Now Available
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    Good news! Is the link correct? I think it is linking back to this thread.
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    The link has been corrected.

    Thank you for the notice and I am sorry for the hassle!

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