Ext.Net 4 and Pivot Grid

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    Ext.Net 4 and Pivot Grid

    Hello all,

    - are there any plans for incorporating Sencha Pivot Grid from Ext JS 6 into Ext.Net 4 or to some other future version of Ext.Net ?

    Thank you,
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    After the price hike going to version 3 not that long ago, unless there are all the features from premium then its not worth it for my company. Also since your sale is only in Feb, would be good to know that we will get the pivot grid in v4 sooner rather than later!
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    The Sencha Pivot Grid will not be included in Ext.NET 4. Unfortunately Sencha does not include licensing of this component with Ext.NET.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    That is very unfortunate, are they even unwilling to licence it to you for an extra fee, over the standard version? As this sounds like the concerns we had last time they changed the model from v2 to v3, with the min 5 users, that they would start holding back key features, from you.

    Very concerned, I have a few strategic projects where the ext.net framework is key, and I need to know that upgrades and support not only bring value (since its now 5 times the cost it used to be) but also the upstream provider is going to licence to you what we need, to produce software for our clients.
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    Sencha decided to hold back the PivotGrid as a separate licensed product. This component was acquired from a third party, so it appears they kept this same psudo separate licensing from Ext JS.

    Unfortunately we will not be able to include PivotGrid in Ext.NET, even as a separately licensed product.
    Geoffrey McGill

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