Request for Voting system

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    Request for Voting system

    I have found large amount of solutions in forum of responses
    But i found 10x times more forum thread which did not help me solve my problem.

    I have sugguestion.
    make authenticated users be able to write down (some sort of hastag on forum threads) related to solved problem,
    so unsolved or unused threads would sink down, while most concurent problems would be floating with new thumbs up or votes or whatever system to be implemented

    Resumed: I wish for voting system to rate helpfull threads and identify problem i was looking, that was solved by visitng that thread.
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Currently we mark premium threads as [CLOSED] just by editing the thread's title. I am pretty sure the owner of the thread (even not being moderator or so) can edit the thread title as he/she can edit his/her messages.

    This is just a custom we don't spread to the community forums so, whenever you are browsing the community forums, you are not likely to see any [CLOSED] tag.

    Closer to what you suggested, thread owners can rate the thread. This is not an open voting, but thread owners star their threads as feels fit. We do not enforce this but I believe you can narrow your search for better threads if you look for those stars in threads headlines.

    Nevertheless, we appreciate your suggestion and if/when we have the opportunity we really will consider implementing it. Let's see who else in the community shows interest in this feature.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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