[CLOSED] Gridpanel Row Doubletap

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    [CLOSED] Gridpanel Row Doubletap


    I have a gridpanel which has implemented ItemDblClick listener. So the double click is working on each row of gridpanel. When I was using any Ipad double tap event is not working.

    Please suggest me the solution to implement Double tap listener for GridPanel.

    We are using Ext2.x version.

    Thank you
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    Well, it seems a similar question has been already asked in forums for Ext.NET 2.x.

    How to implement Double tap listener for touch device

    Ext.NET 2.x does not support touch events and have no such events wired in the code. Ext.NET 3.x supports all these events already.

    EDIT: Alright, the other post was done by you so you are aware ExtJS 2 does not support it. If you are looking into implementing the event support yourself, I believe this can help you out: ExtJS 4.2 Events Guide.

    It not only shows how to trigger and bind action to existing events but also how to register your own event to components.

    I hope this helps!
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