[FIXED] [#1206] [3.3] TagField control getValue() issue when adding custom values

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    [FIXED] [#1206] [3.3] TagField control getValue() issue when adding custom values

    Hi, it looks like the TagField control has an issue when interacting through the keyboard to add a custom value.

    If you look at your examples:

    Try with "Basic" ,... if you insert a custom value using the keyboard and pressing "enter", then trying to get the value of the control through script (eg. Chrome Console) you can see that getValue() returns NULL or only the "last value"...

    Try with this code on an ASPX custom project to see the behavior:
                    <TagLabelConfig ID="TagLabelConfig1" runat="server">
    If you insert items on the editor through keyboard you can see that calling the "getValue()" retrieves only the last one.

    Thank you for a quick fix on the same.
    Cheers & have a great holidays,
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