Open External URL into a window With Cookies

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    Open External URL into a window With Cookies

    Urgent please.
    I am trying to open an external website into an Ext window but I have to set cookies to be read by this external website.

    I tried the javascript method "document.cookie" and the path is:"/" but it is not working. the external website loaded in the window is not reading the cookie.

    Please any help? this is very urgent.
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    I don't think that is possible? Unless there is a mechanism I am unaware of I think it would be a security violation to be able to set cookies on any other web site other than your own?

    You may want to contact the external web site provider to see if they support APIs that you can use instead?

    Or, if the other site can support receiving them, HTML5's window.postMessage() functionality may be useful?

    Hope that helps.

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