How to development a Component in Ext.Net?

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    How to development a Component in Ext.Net?

    I want to develop Date Field component in Ext.Net. The control does not show in page and I get error in firebug:

    /src/form/field/PDate.js 404 Not found
    TypeError: c is not a constructure.

    My Resources:
    protected override List<ResourceItem> Resources
            List<ResourceItem> baseList = base.Resources;
            baseList.add(new ClientScriptItem(typeof(PersianDateField), "DotNetLearn.Ext.Net.Build.Ext.Net.extjs.PersianDate.pdate.js", "/PDate/pdate.js"));
    I want to create this component for ASP.NET Web Forms.

    Are you know what is my problem?
    Have you any full guide for development Ext.Net Component?
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    Hi @ihamid,

    Welcome to the Ext.NET forums!

    Most likely it means that the JavaScript file has not been properly embedded. Please try to add the file manually on the page via a <script src="..."></script> and see if it works.

    This post might help with embedding.

    This postsmight be helpful as well on creating custom controls:
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    Very thanks. That's useful.
    I can't find Thanks button. :)
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    Very glad to help!

    Yeah, there is no a Thanks button in this forums.

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