[OPEN] [#1566] [4.5.0] Checkbox not editable with RowEditor

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    [OPEN] [#1566] [4.5.0] Checkbox not editable with RowEditor


    in the RowEditor sample a checkbox is not editable. We find out, that it was possible with a previous release.
    Is this a bug or by design?

    not working: https://examples4.ext.net/#/GridPane...ins/RowEditor/
    working: https://examples3.ext.net/#/GridPane...ins/RowEditor/

    Many thanks for your help!


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    i could solve it overwriting ".x-form-cb-wrap-inner".

        <style type="text/css">
            .x-form-cb-wrap-inner { display: block!important;}
    At the moment we are evaluating the use of Ext.NET.


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    Hello @ASchott! Welcome to Ext.NET forums, and thanks for your report -and- workaround!

    We didn't find any recent report of this issue in Sencha but seems this historically been an issue from Sencha Ext JS part (old posts from 2010, 2014, 2015...). So we should do a little more testing before we can say for sure this is an Ext.NET-specific issue or Sencha ExtJS-specific one.

    Their corresponding example works but they did not update their public examples to the latest Ext JS version -- so this may have been just introduced in Ext JS 6.5.2, as we integrated it in our versions of Ext.NET and consequently Examples Explorers.

    We've logged your report under issue #1566 in github and will post an update here as soon as we get news on the subject.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello Fabricio,

    any news on this issue? I ran into it, too. Solved it with the css workaround but I still have an uneasy feeling about it.



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