[CLOSED] Combobox can't get value when add list item using code behind

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    [CLOSED] Combobox can't get value when add list item using code behind

    This code for insert value into cboRegional

    public List<PropertyFinance> obj = PropertyFinanceItemItem.GetDataAll();
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (!X.IsAjaxRequest) { List<Ext.Net.ListItem> licol = new List<Ext.Net.ListItem>(); var cboObj = obj.Select(x => x.KODE_REGIONAL).Distinct().OrderBy(x => x); foreach (var item in cboObj) { licol.Add(new Ext.Net.ListItem(item, item)); } licol.Insert(0, new Ext.Net.ListItem("All", "All")); cboRegional.Items.AddRange(licol); cboRegional.Value = "All"; }
    protected void GHRefresh(object sender, StoreReadDataEventArgs e) { string xyz = this.cboRegional.SelectedItem.Text; // result = null xyz = this.cboRegional.Text; // result ='' }
    how to get value string of cboRegional?

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    Hi @opacjkt,

    Please provide a full test case to reproduce the issue

    Meanwhile, is there a <form runat="server"> on the page?
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    Thanks problem fix, because iam not entered <ext:FormPanel ID="frmpnl" runat="server">

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