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    I set license key at webconfig file . my project isn't in Internet and work on local LAN without Internet.
    How sense and check my license ?
    my last thread is :
    what action need to solve this problem?
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    Hi @shm2847,

    Deployment an Ext.NET application on any server, even withing intranet, causes a check of the license key. If it is not found or invalid, then an unlicensed popup appear.

    So, you put a license key into Web.config, but an unlicensed pop up still appear?

    Please clarify what Ext.NET version are you dealing with?

    I feel it might be a copy/paste error at some stage. I mean a license key is cut off at some point or something else.

    Also there is possibility that a license key is not read from Web.config. Please demonstrate how do you set a license key in Web.config. Please do not post the license key itself.

    P.S. Moving the thread to the Licensing forum.
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