Thank you! And a few migration tips from v1 to v3.

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    Thank you! And a few migration tips from v1 to v3.

    I am sure you hear this before but your (EXT.NET) premium support is outstanding. You go above an beyond always.

    Thank you for you help in our EXT upgrade. I was able to complete our upgrade (from v1.7) in 10 weeks (140 aspx pages) with your excellent support!!
    Here are my suggestions for others when upgrading:

    1. search and replace is your friend, use it wisely
    2. do one mod/change at a time
    3. search and use the forums as most of what you need is here
    4. remove your excess layouts and height solutions, v3 does a great job.
    5. simplify your panels and turn off your autoloads, only load what you need
    6. performance is same except if you have alot of custom icons/cells in a grid in which case they load second after the content.

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    Hi @Z,

    Thank you very much for so kind words! It really encourages us to keep doing our best.

    140 pages in 10 weeks. Wow! Even with our support it is so great timing. That definitely means your Ext.NET v1 application has been written very well.

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