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Thank you! And a few migration tips from v1 to v3.

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    Thank you! And a few migration tips from v1 to v3.

    I am sure you hear this before but your (EXT.NET) premium support is outstanding. You go above an beyond always.

    Thank you for you help in our EXT upgrade. I was able to complete our upgrade (from v1.7) in 10 weeks (140 aspx pages) with your excellent support!!
    Here are my suggestions for others when upgrading:

    1. search and replace is your friend, use it wisely
    2. do one mod/change at a time
    3. search and use the forums as most of what you need is here
    4. remove your excess layouts and height solutions, v3 does a great job.
    5. simplify your panels and turn off your autoloads, only load what you need
    6. performance is same except if you have alot of custom icons/cells in a grid in which case they load second after the content.

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