[CLOSED] Howto show a windows from a class

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    [CLOSED] Howto show a windows from a class


    I am struggling with the simple task to show a window from a class file. If I show it from main aspx.cs from a direct method I normally do it like this:
    Window win = new Window();
    but from a class file "this.Form" is not working. What is the best way to do it from a class file? Using "getcmp" or ...?

    Thank you very much for any tip in the right direction.

    best regards
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    Hi @tMp,

    With a Window you can just do:

    On client a Window will be automatically rendered to <form runat="server"> if available or to <body>.
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    Hello Daniil,

    Thank you very much, works as suggested. So I never have to use "this.Form" in this case? It seems I got the impression to use it from an way to old example or a bad forum entry.

    best regards!
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    Well, yes, if the page instance and, respectively, its this.Form is inaccessible, then yes, it should not be used.
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    Thank you for the lesson! :)

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