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    [CLOSED] ComboBox

    Hi team,

    need your help, as per the requirement i have to remove drop down arrow icon ( as per some values coming from database), i got a code from forum "this.ddlVoc.Call("getTrigger(0).hide")" and its working.

    Similarly i have to set select able to false, is there any such code, i tried setting code behind but its not happening if i am trying to set any value from code behind and then calling select able = false.

    please help.

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    hi dear,

    do you mean not to select the value from combo box?
    if it is.. just disable that combo box. i tried and succeed

    cmbID.disbale(); //from client side same as server side
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    Thank you sateeshdasarikapil, i tried this but in this case droup down value is blur in IE but its clear in firefox, do you know css which need to override on disabling dropdown.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Try this one . cmbMobilizationPerc.setReadOnly(true);

    It may overcome your problem
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    cool its working :), thanks a lot.

    please close this thread.

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