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    Yep, Arvixe hosting is down again. I'm been in contact with their technical support, but it looks like things are going to take at least a few more hours to resolve.

    We're investigating moving the Examples Explorer to another provider. Two major downtime periods within a couple weeks is forcing us to change providers.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    mmm.. still down. I can understand it must be frustrating for you guys too..
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    Any estimation on when this will be resolved? Need the examples to continue development. Thanks
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    @CarWise, thank you for understanding.

    @dataworks, I don't quite have any estimation, unfortunately. There is a big problem on the the hosting service which they could not resolve yet. Migrating on another service is also not a quick thing to do. If the examples are essential to continue development, please download them:

    Opening the .sln file and running is all that is needed to see the examples locally.

    The Examples are also available in SVN.
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    Awesome thanks. Hope you can resolve your hosting problems. Good day
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    Good day
    Thank you!

    Meanwhile, it has started working.

    I guess others (examples2, examples1, mvc, mvc2) are on their way to come back as well.
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    All the Examples Explorers are now back online. We are very sorry for the inconvenience with that downtime.
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