[CLOSED] Question on grid summary with locking

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    [CLOSED] Question on grid summary with locking

    Hi, I used to get grid summary data from grid.features, but after add locking columns, the grid.features = null and I need to find features from grid.lockgrid.features. Is there a common method that can return me grid features ? I am confused on when/how I should deal with the lockgrid.
    I tired to disable/enable grouping with lock several times, the display starts messed up. I may create separated ticket for this, for now, I need to understand the lock grid.
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    Hi @susanz,

    Internally, a locking grid consists of two GridPanels - locked and normal. In this case a GridPanel reference becomes a wrapper from two GridPanels.
    Also there are two instances of a Summary feature - one goes to a locked GridPanel and another - to a normal one.

    These code snippets demonstrate how you could handle it.
    var getSummaryFeature = function (grid) {
        var summaryFeature;
        Ext.Array.each(grid.features, function (feature) {
            if (feature.ftype === "summary") {
                summaryFeature = feature;
                return false; // Stops "each" iterating
        return summaryFeature;
    if (grid.lockedGrid) {    
        // You are dealing with a locking grid    
        var lockedSummary = getSummaryFeature(grid.lockedGrid),        
            normalSummary = getSummaryFeature(grid.normalGrid);
        // Do the required with both the summary features
    } else {    
        // You are dealing with a regular grid    
        var summary = getSummaryFeature(grid);
        // Do the required with the only summary feature
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    Got it, thanks Daniil, it works now.

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