[OPEN] [#906] Ext.Net.MVC: ModelFor method

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    [OPEN] [#906] Ext.Net.MVC: ModelFor method


    In Html.X() I see StoreFor and ModelNameFor methods, but ModelFor method is missed. But this method very useful if some model values (e.g. IdProperty) can be changed. For example:

    Now I don't see any way to set idProperty in StoreFor and have to add model and all model fields.
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    Hi Yury,

    Thank you for a feature request.

    Please clarify is a [ModelField(IDProperty = true)] attribute on a Model's property not helpful in your scenario? If it is not, then there is the following way:
        .Model(model => model[0].IDProperty = "CustomId")
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    Thank you for suggestions, but I think, ModelFor will be easier way to set IdProperty and other model attributes.
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    Agree, it would be good to have.

    I created a feature request issue.

    Though, since there is a solution (and it is not quite complicated) it is not going to have a high priority. From other side the Ext.NET community could increase the priority if more feedback like "I would like to see it implemented" appears.

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