the web site 530

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    the web site 530

    about , from 2015-08-01, is display 530 in Beijing,IE11

    the characters are ‘530’,not ‘503’. ----OK,It works fine. -----530 -----530 -----530

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    Hi @CPA1158139,

    Thank you for the report!

    From August 1? I just want to confirm you don't mean September 1 instead.

    It looks like there are some country specific problems with the internet itself and/or specific hosting services. Personally, being in Russia I had issues with our sites lately and they all seem gone a few days ago. We probably should report this to our hosting service.

    If you provide a result of tracert when it fails, it should be helpful to determine the problem.

    Also please clarify is it always 530 or it works from time to time?
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    If you connect through a VPN proxy service, does the 530 response still occur?
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    When I first discovered the problem, I wrote to, and later geoffrey.mcgill gave me a letter. We discussed the three or four messages, but no results. I checked the date of the message in 2015-08-02.
    It is clarify always It 530.
    I provide a remote desktop machine for you to test this problem, please check the mail,geoffrey.
    VPN access is possible, and I am now using a Canadian VPN services
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    Just to have an update here in the forums, we are actively working on this through emails.

    Currently we are testing the forums' acceleration with CloudFlare, and we are getting 520 errors when loading pages in some circumstances.

    I noticed that clicking the 'retry' button on top-right corner loads the page at once.

    I wasn't able to reproduce the 520 error at my geographic location since the forums had migrated to the accel service.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello again, just to clarify, it was a little confuse for who weren't following the messages we exchanged in private.

    Somehow from China, connections to our forums were being intercepted by a third-party server which responded, instead of pages, a non-standard "530" message. The pages were just replaced by 530.

    By researching the reason, all led us to believe that the China's censorship filtered our IPs (by accident, or a range of IPs that affected us), intercepting HTTP connections and returning "530" to any page load request. The closest we could find for this code was FTP error 530 which means "not logged in" (source).

    After that, we enabled CloudFlare host accelerator to our forums and websites. This improved forums experience all around the globe, fortunately. Also enabled back access to forums from China.

    Not so fortunately though, sometimes CloudFlare triggered a 520 error, mentioned on the post above. So far, we could notice this a couple times from Canada just after implementing the accelerator service, and no longer after a few hours. From China it's been reported to be happening somehow frequently but we are counting that their services, as they log the errors, fixes automatically.

    We're currently in touch with CPA1158139 trying to assess the situation from China and hopefully, with the help of the CloudFlare service, bring it to a fully functional state.

    We received reports of some failures loading the CSS (which makes the page load, but look strange) from China as well.

    The most we try to reproduce the issues from outside China (specially from Canada, Russia and Brazil) we couldn't so far reproduce the issues. So still seems an issue specific to China connections.

    I hope this makes clear the state and advances on the issue (originally 530 error while loading pages).
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Now I have been able to access the forum, sometimes need to refresh a few times.
    Thank you for many days of hard work, please close.

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