[CLOSED] [#908] [3.3] [MVC] Nullable fields for StoreFor.

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    [CLOSED] [#908] [3.3] [MVC] Nullable fields for StoreFor.

    Hello Ext.Net team,

    StoreFor method doesn't check nullable properties and can set default value to the grid cell. I think it isn't correct in case if value is null.

    public class Test
      public decimal? Value { get; set; }
    If I use StoreFor(m => m.Test) I always see Value in column even if Value is null.
    I think better way is to set AllowNull(true) to ModelField for nullable properties.
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    Hi Yury,

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I was going to suggest this:
    [ModelField(AllowNull = true)]
    public decimal? Value { get; set; }
    but found out that a ModelFieldAttribute is missing an AllowNull option. Created an Issue for that and added in the revision 6573 (trunk). It goes to the 3.3 release.

    Should it be true by default for nullable types? Well, I am not 100% sure it should, but I tend to agree.

    Created a feature request issue.

    Done in the revision 6574 (trunk). It goes to the 3.3 release.

    Please note that AllowNull is set to true by default only if a Model's property doesn't have a ModelField attribute applied. If it is applied, when AllowNull is set to false by default as for any ModelField and you can change it by [ModelField(AllowNull = true)].

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