if i don't have license

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    if i don't have license

    if i don't have license
    what will happen if i still used without license ,
    and if the license is necessary ,
    how i can know when will finish .
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    Hello @AbdallaAshor!

    Extract from Ext.NET faq #3:

    The Ext.NET license includes a “Trial License” which will work unrestricted on http://localhost or Once uploaded to a web server, the framework will still function, although will display an ‘Unlicensed’ message. The trial license does not expire, so you can take your time to determine if Ext.NET is suitable for your project before purchasing a License Key. No functionality is disabled with the trial license. Once your Ext.NET license key has been added to your application, the ‘Unlicensed’ message will be automatically removed. An Ext.NET license is required for all Ext.NET enabled applications, both internally accessed (intranet) and externally accessed (internet). You can purchase Ext.NET licenses for each Developer on your team from the Store. One License is required for each Developer using Ext.NET.
    I have set bold the interesting parts. Hope this helps!
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    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    thank you very much @fabricio.murta
    i will tell my company to buy the last version ,
    after i finish from the testing all things that i need it
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    Is there a relationship between the speed of Version Contain licenses and Version don't Contain licenses

    Because I noticed now he has become slow to respond

    I'm still doing my test version.
    I have not done any modifications .
    Yesterday was quick and today is slow
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    There is no difference between licenses. The only difference in a trial license - it shows an "Unlicensed" message if deploy an application to a web server. And this difference doesn't affect on performance.

    There is some other reason of the change in speed. Difficult to say for sure what it might be. If you want to discuss in details, please start a new forum thread.

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