getValue() of htmlEditor issue

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    getValue() of htmlEditor issue


    I've been wracking my brains for 2 days trying to figure out why I cannot correctly get the content of my htmlEditor control. I've browsed the forums and tried a good 4 or 5 different solutions that have no effect. I am trying to get the content of the htmlEditor and post it to the database. Here is my setup:

                <ext:Panel ID="pEmailEditor" runat="server" Region="East">
                        <ext:FieldSet ID="FieldSet1"
                            Title="Edit Template"
                                <ext:HtmlEditor ID="eEmail"  
                <ext:Panel ID="pSubmit" runat="server" Region="South">
                        <ext:FormPanel ID="FormPanel1"
                            Layout="AnchorLayout" Region="East">
                                <ext:Button ID="bSubmitTemplate" 
                                    Text="Submit Template"
                                    Margin="10" X="600">                              
                                        <Click Handler="
                                                url : '/Home/SubmitTemplate/',
                                                params : {
                                                    text : #{eEmail}.getValue()
                                        " />
    Here's my controller method i'm trying to call in the Button Click Event (/Home/SubmitTemplate)
        Public Function SubmitTemplate(ByVal text As String) As ActionResult
            Dim response As FormPanelResult = New FormPanelResult
            Dim sUserName As String = HttpContext.User.Identity.Name
            Dim sUserID = (From u In DBSecurityContext.aspnet_Users Where u.UserName = Trim(sUserName) Select u.UserId).First
            Dim sSRID = (From p In DBSecurityContext.UserProfiles Where p.UserId = sUserID Select p.SRID).First
            ViewData("SRID") = sSRID
            ViewData("UserName") = sUserName.ToLower
                Dim instmp As New tbl_EmailTemplate With _
                    {.TemplateName = "Test1", _
                     .TemplateOwner = sUserName, _
                     .TemplateText = text, _
                     .DateCreated = DateTime.Now}
                response.Success = True
                response.ExtraParams("msg") = "Template has been uploaded."
            Catch ex As System.Exception
                response.Success = False
                response.ExtraParams("msg") = "Error: " & "..." & ex.Message
            End Try
            Return response
        End Function
    The issues are thusly:

    1. When i use #{eEmail}.getValue(), the method call is never run and nothing happens at all.
    2. When i use #{eEmail}.text, the method is called, however NULL is what is passed back into the method.
    3. When i use #{eEmail}.value, a value is passed back but it is formatted strangely, also when i submit the same values twice, 2 different values are stored in the database. Here's a screenshot of the editor, and the values being stored in the db:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	test.jpg 
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    submitting this same content twice yields the following in the db:
    "%3Cb%3ETest%3C/b%3E%3Cbr%3E%3Ci%3ETest%" etcetera etcetera
    "%253Cb%253ETest%253C/b%253E%253Cbr%253E%" etcetera etcetera

    If this is the correct values of the html, then how can i convert this value BACK into the htmlEditor so that is displays the same way it was entered?
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    Hi @navalurzu7,

    Welcome to the Ext.NET forums!

    1. When i use #{eEmail}.getValue() ...
    I think .getValue() is a correct way to go.

    the method call is never run and nothing happens at all.
    Is there any JavaScript error in a browser's console?

    Please try to change #{eEmail}.getValue() to App.eEmail.getValue().

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