Text fell after losing focus Ext 3.1

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    Text fell after losing focus Ext 3.1

    Text fell after losing focus..

    Following error image:

    Error also in the examples page:
    Attached Thumbnails Text fell.png  
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    Same with me... this is after chrome update

    Look at the picture, on left is how it looks initialy, on right, after focus leave, text goes down.

    Same thing with combo boxes.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Fixed in 3.2.0

    I'm a little worried about these things that after browser update your application works differently or something stops working.
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    Text fell after losing focus Ext 3.1

    Yes, it's all right now ! thanks!
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    Hello everybody,

    It is rather a Chrome bug which we decided to workaround. Just for cross references posting here a link to a related GitHub issue.

    By the way, ExtJS and Ext.NET contain lots of fixes on various browsers bugs.

    Though, unfortunately, each browser update might bring a new issue or a breaking change.

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