[CLOSED] FileUploadField with Scale

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    [CLOSED] FileUploadField with Scale


    Is this an Ext.Net issue?

    Using the Scale property on the FileUploadField control results in cls "x-btn-default-toolbar-small" being rendered out on child items. Width properties are also set too small directly on elements.

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    Ok - just noticed that this is not a config setting for FileUpload.

    I have a FileUploadField in a toolbar where all buttons are set to scale Medium. Is there a way to set the FileUpload button to be similar to Scale Medium. By default it sets cls to small and writes width properties directly to element so it's a bit hard to override css?

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    In case some one wants to do the same thing...I have override the onRender property.

    Notice I've added the Scale config when creating the FileButton class.

            onRender: function() {
                var me = this,
                id = me.id,
                inputEl = me.inputEl;
                inputEl.dom.name = ''; //name goes on the fileInput, not the text input
                // render the button here. This isn't ideal, however it will be 
                // rendered before layouts are resumed, also we modify the DOM
                // below anyway
                me.button = new Ext.form.field.FileButton(Ext.apply({
                    renderTo: id + '-browseButtonWrap',
                    ownerCt: me,
                    ownerLayout: me.componentLayout,
                    id: id + '-button',
                    ui: me.ui,
                    disabled: me.disabled,
                    text: me.buttonText,
                    scale: 'medium',
                    style: me.buttonOnly ? '' : me.getButtonMarginProp() + me.buttonMargin + 'px',
                    inputName: me.getName(),
                    listeners: {
                        scope: me,
                        change: me.onFileChange
                }, me.buttonConfig));
                me.fileInputEl = me.button.fileInputEl;
                if (me.buttonOnly) {
                    me.shrinkWrap = 3;
                // Ensure the trigger cell is sized correctly upon render
                me.browseButtonWrap.dom.style.width = (me.browseButtonWrap.dom.lastChild.offsetWidth + me.button.getEl().getMargin('lr')) + 'px';
                if (Ext.isIE) {
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    Hi @glenh,

    Maybe, you are looking for this:
    <ext:FileUploadField runat="server">
        <Button Scale="Medium" />

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