[CLOSED] DOM Drag-Drop example initial drag height

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    [CLOSED] DOM Drag-Drop example initial drag height

    I have been trying to implement a custom control based on the DOM drag-drop example at https://examples3.ext.net/#/DragDrop/Basic/Dom/

    It's almost perfect, however, one bug that I can't remove is the initial drag height, which seems to be double the icon position's offset from the top of its containing DIV. If you click on the top icon, it drags correctly at the mouse height. However icons further down jump down the page away from the mouse pointer as soon as dragging starts, and the further down the icon is from the containing DIV's top, the further the icon is offset from the mouse position.

    The problem exists in the example for IE, Chrome & Firefox. Is there any remedy for this that you are aware of?
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    Hello @electromorph!

    Can you check the MVC version of this example on latest SVN release?

    It will show you an alternate way to overcome that issue.

    As far as I could tell, moving the item using the default drag behavior results on this. But if, instead of dragging the component, you drag its 'ghost' -- and reproduce the component exactly as it is in its "ghost", then you can have this pretty much working. You can also 'hide' the original while moving the ghost copy; on the drop operation it will move the element to its new position and you can unset the hidden flag.

    You can see the evolution on the example to fix that on SVN commit 6450. (svn diff -c 6450).

    Let me know if this does not help you fix your drag and drop.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Problem fixed

    Thanks for your help Fabricio - that's perfect.

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