How to install OLD package

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    [Solved] How to install OLD package

    Hi all,
    it's possible to install the OLD Ext.Net Package - Version*) in a new Visual Studio Project using NuGet Package Manager? How?

    If it's not possible: without NuGet Package Manager? How?


    (*) or latest 2.x
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    Hi, using Package Manager Console:

    > Install-Package Ext.Net -version 2.5
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    Still a little question:

    Install-Package Ext.Net -version 2.5
    the command above installed the 2.5.0 version, not the latest 2.x version ( ?). It's possible to update the project to the latest 2.x version? How?

    Update-Package Ext.Net -version
    It's the correct command?
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    Because I'm at the beginning of the project, I created a new Visual Studio Project. According to this page


    I installed Ext.Net - version (at the moment the latest 2.x version) with the command

    Install-Package Ext.NET -Version
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    Good to see you've worked it out :)

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