[OPEN] [#812] GridPanel Grouping cosmetic issue

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    [OPEN] [#812] GridPanel Grouping cosmetic issue


    It is only tiny cosmetic issue but would be nice to fix it.

    Please, use the example to reproduce it:


    When first row in the grid is selected (focused) then above first group (it happens only with the first group) header we can see "1 pixel height" selection/focus border line.

    See attached pictures:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	grouping-cosmetic-problem2.png 
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    Thank you,

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    Hi @Matt,

    Apologize for the delay in answering.

    Agree, a small but quite annoying issue. Logged in GitHub.

    I found out that it happens with the first row of each group, not just the first group.

    This is the override that appears to help for four themes: Neptune, NeptuneTouch, Crisp and CrispTouch.
        .x-theme-crisptouch .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item:first-child,
        .x-theme-crisp .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item:first-child,
        .x-theme-neptunetouch .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item:first-child,
        .x-theme-neptune .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item:first-child {
            border-top-color: white !important;
        .x-theme-crisptouch .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-selected,
        .x-theme-crisp .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-selected {
            border-color: #cecece;
        .x-theme-crisptouch .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-over,
        .x-theme-crisp .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-over {
            border-color: #cecece;
        .x-theme-neptunetouch .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-selected,
        .x-theme-neptune .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-selected {
            border-color: #ededed;
        .x-theme-neptunetouch .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-over,
        .x-theme-neptune .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-over {
            border-color: #ededed;
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    The CSS patch works! Thank you.

    Based on your patch a I have added the same for Default (Gray) and Blue themes.

    .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item:first-child,
    .x-theme-blue .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item:first-child {
    	border-top-color: #ededed !important;	
    .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-selected,
    .x-theme-blue .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-selected {
    	border-color: #ededed;
    	border-top-style: solid;
    .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-over,
    .x-theme-blue .x-grid-with-row-lines .x-grid-item.x-grid-item-over {
    	border-color: #ededed;

    Best Regards,

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