[FIXED] [#857] [3.2.1] Tooltips not showing on hover. You have to click them to see.

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    [FIXED] [#857] [3.2.1] Tooltips not showing on hover. You have to click them to see.

    If you look at http://examples.ext.net/#/Miscellane...Tips/Overview/ you will see that none of the tooltips show on hover. They only show after you click the button.

    I presume this is not the way it is meant to be.

    Using latest svn.

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    Hi Fergus,

    Thank you for the report!

    I can reproduce the issue with the online example:

    But I cannot reproduce it running the same example from SVN trunk.

    Yes, you said
    Using latest svn.
    but could you, please, ensure it is reproducible for you with the latest SVN trunk?
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    Yes i am using the latest svn at this address http://svn.ext.net/premium/trunk.

    I presume this is the correct one. (revision 6427).

    Problem is still there for me.

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    Yes, it is the latest.

    I tried once again and still cannot reproduce the issue. I tried in Chrome, Firefox and IE10 and ToolTips appear on mouse hover.

    Are you loading the Ext.Net.Examples project, right?

    Also with the example loaded into a browser, if you run Ext.getVersion() in a browser's JavaScript console, what do you see?
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    Ext.getVersion() =

    Chrome - Version 43.0.2357.81 (Not working)
    Internet Explorer - Version 11.0.9600.17416 (Not working)
    Firefox - Version 37.0.2 (WORKING)

    It works only in Firefox.

    Is the Ext.getVersion() correct?

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    Is the Ext.getVersion() correct?
    Yes, that looks correct.

    What OS are you testing with? I am testing on Windows 7.
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    I am on Windows 8.1.
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    I asked my colleague who is running Windows 8.1 and he could not reproduce the issue as well. That is weird. At the moment, I don't quite have any idea why you can reproduce and we cannot. Do you have any?
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    The only thing that is strange on my part is that i cannot build Ext.net.Examples in Visual Studio.

    it throws 143 errors mostly of type

    I have to copy the tooltips example into my existing project to get it to run.

    The errors i am getting are mainly "The type or namespace Panel/Window/Toolbar etc. cannot be found. Are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference."

    Should i be able to build the examples.

    I don;t think this is the problem though as my project works perfectly otherwise with the latest build of ext.net.

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    Should i be able to build the examples.
    Yes, you should, but it is another problem. If you want to discuss in details, please start a new forum thread.

    As for ToolTips, finally I was able to reproduce it on another colleague's machine. I will investigate.
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