Ext.Net.MVC 3.1: Async/Await direct methods.

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    Ext.Net.MVC 3.1: Async/Await direct methods.


    I try to use async/await in DirectMethods, but I get "App.direct.Method is undefined" error.

        public class MyController : Controller
            [DirectMethod(Timeout = 300000, ShowMask = true, Target = MaskTarget.Page)]
            public async Task<ActionResult> Method(string data)
                string text = await Task<string>.Factory.StartNew(() => { return data; });
                return Json(new { text = text });
    I saw this link http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php...th-async-await
    but I couldn't find RegisterAsyncTask method in controller.

    Is there some ways to use async/await with DirectMethods?
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    Somebody knows how to use async/await action methods with Ext.Net.MVC?

    I've tried to use async/await actions with ComponentLoader, but it doesn't work. As I can see it is problem for ext.net in general.
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    Hi Yury,

    Yes, it is not supported.

    There is something that could make it working in some scenarios.

    Though, I could not get it working in MVC.

    Logged in GitHub as a feature request.

    Though, I cannot provide any time frame and would recommend not to expect it is going to appear soon.

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