[FIXED] [#811] [3.2.0] TextField.Text presentation after Blur

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    [FIXED] [#811] [3.2.0] TextField.Text presentation after Blur

    Hi Support team,

    I have an issue with TextField. After data entry on Blur Text value is going a bit low.
    The issue appears a couple days ago.
    Please see an attachment (it is taken from your examples)

    I am using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.65 m (64-bit)

    Thanks in advance,
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    Thanks for the report, I was able to reproduce it on latest Chrome version

    Please try the following override as temp fix
                postBlur: function () {
                    var me = this,
                    if (Ext.isWebKit) {
                        old = me.inputEl.dom.style.display;
                        me.inputEl.dom.style.display = "inline";
                        setTimeout(function () {
                            me.inputEl.dom.style.display = old;
                        }, 0);
    We will notify you when it will be fixed in SVN
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    Another possible fix
    .x-form-text {
        display: inherit;
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    Thank you Vladimir !

    Your work around is working well
    Will be waiting for update.

    Please close the thread
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    The issue is not reproducible with the next Chrome 44 beta release. So, it appears to be a Chrome 43 issue.

    I guess we won't apply the fix in SVN. Please use a temporary fix until Chrome 44 is released.
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    Chrome 44 is not released still and we are about to release Ext.NET 3.2.0 with ExtJS 5.1.1 incorporated. We don't want this issue goes to the release, so we decided to apply a temporary fix which, I hope, will be removed after Chrome 44 release.

    Fixed in the revision 6430 (SVN trunk). The fix goes to Ext.NET 3.2.0.

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