[CLOSED] combo box for mobile devices

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    [CLOSED] combo box for mobile devices

    Hi All,

    I need to develop a site for mobile devices (iPhone as example).

    Labels, buttons - they are good.

    However, combo box - it is too small.

    1. How to make combo box bigger? If it is not possible - what should I use instead? (critical)

    .my-combo  {
                    height: 100px !important;
    change the control height but trigger stays small - the same as combo items

    2. FieldLabel - can I user html? (not critical - can be replaced with label)

    Thank you.
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    .combo-custom {
                    height: 60px !important;
                .combo-custom .x-form-arrow-trigger  {
                    height: 60px !important;
                    width: 35px !important;
    - change trigger and control sizes (trigger looks ugly here)

    Field values are still small
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    Hi @rbtceo,

    There are CrispTouch and NeptuneTouch themes. Please clarify have you tried them?

    2. FieldLabel - can I user html? (not critical - can be replaced with label)
    Please start a new forum thread.
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    FieldLabel - I sorted it out.

    CrispTouch and NeptuneTouch - I did not try them. I play with css now.

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