Label AutoHeight in code behind

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    Label AutoHeight in code behind


    I am trying to get a label to wrap long text to multiple lines.

    In the declarative syntax I am able to accomplish this with AutoHeight="true".

    <ext:Label ID="Label1" runat="server"  Width="600px" AutoHeight="true"  Text="long text......."/>
    However, I have not found any equivalent method or property that would set AutoHeight to true if I create the label dynamically..
    Ext.Net.Label label = new Ext.Net.Label();
    Please let me know where I should look.

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    Hi @rbabutin,

    Welcome to the Ext.NET forums!

    Hmm, does AutoHeight="true" work? I would expect it doesn't.

    Though, if it works decoratively, then this code behind counterpart should be working as well. Does it work for you?
    Please try with
    Ext.Net.Label label = new Ext.Net.Label
        CustomConfig =
            new ConfigItem
                Name = "autoHeight",
                Value = "true",
                Mode = ParameterMode.Raw
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    Hi @Daniil, you are right. Label AutoHeight="true" does not work neither declaratively nor with code behind... Instead, to be able to control the line breaks of the label I used its Html property.

    Thank you!

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