[CLOSED] checkbox returns uncheck although checked in form

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    [CLOSED] checkbox returns uncheck although checked in form

    I have the following situation.
    I setup a grid and a form to edit details in a popup window.
    I bound the controls before showing the window with the proper values for checkboxes.
    The form is split across several forms using TabPanel.
    I try to edit a record for which I can see one of the checkboxes is checked.
    I popup the form and click save button without making any changes.
    I then check the checked prop for control back in post-back and this is unchecked.

    I realized that if the checkbox control is in a non visible page, the problem solves if first click the tab page containing the control and make it visible and then click save. This time the checked prop for control returns correct value.

    Have you ever have had an issue like this? It is driving me crazy because I can not trust what I am receiving back to be saved.
    I am using ext.net 2.5.
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    Hi @jstifel,

    I guess the same problem has been discussed here.

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