[CLOSED] Render a new window out of my current window.

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    [CLOSED] Render a new window out of my current window.


    I´m trying to render a new window out my current window using DirectEvents.

    I already read all posts about render a windows but I did`nt find anyone that show how to render out of my parent window.

    In my case I have 3 windows to open. A first window is a main, the second window obvious is a second place inside my first window. But my third window is not inside of my second window, should be inside of my first window like my second however the third window should be called by a button inside of my second window.

    My second window code that call my third window:

     Window winPdf = new Window
                                            ID = "WinThird",
                                            Title = "Document",
                                            Height = 600,
                                            Width = 880,
                                            BodyPadding = 5,
                                            Modal = false,
                                            CloseAction = CloseAction.Destroy,
                                            Loader = new ComponentLoader
                                                Url = string.Format("~/App/Dx/Document/View/ViewPdf.aspx?IdVersion={0}", IdVersion),
                                                Mode = LoadMode.Frame,
                                                LoadMask =
                                                    ShowMask = true
                                        winPdf.Render(); // How to render my third window inside of my first window ?
    I now this sounds very complicated, but is not.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi @debarry,

    There are some suggestions.

    I would recommend to read the entire discussion.

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