[CLOSED] Store server paging and PageProxy RequestConfig

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    [CLOSED] Store server paging and PageProxy RequestConfig


    I found followign problem

    let's say I have example


    and here I specify

                            <ext:PageProxy >
                                <RequestConfig Url="TestPage4.aspx">
    As soon as I do that , the EVENTARGUMENT and __EVENTTARGET is not sent anymore to the server, which results in not working direct event

    Is this by desing? or is there any chance to send all the request form variables to the server?

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    Hi @Zdenek,

    I think a PageProxy doesn't support a RequestConfig's Url.

    A PageProxy uses a Store's OnReadData event which is a DirectEvent. As far as I can understand any OnReadData implementation would require an operation with the Store control (assigning data to the .DataSource property or a .DataBind() call in some scenarios). There is no the Store control in another page, so, this scenario is not going to work.
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    well - will not work... imagine two identical pages ( the only difference between them is EnableSessionState attribute, as discussed in

    So then - whole the hierarchy is present, store is there, but as long as whole request.Form variables are not sent it cannot work

    In fact , you dont need two pages, only one is enough - just explicitly specify RequestConfig Url - and form variables are not send

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    Probably variation of the same problem

    				<ext:PageProxy DirectFn="Ext.net.DirectMethods.Application_GetOwnerTR" >
    					<RequestConfig Url="~/WindowsApp/asyncDirectMethods.aspx"/>
    						<ext:JsonReader TotalProperty="Total" RootProperty="Source"/>
    As long as I do that _methodName_ is not sent to the server

    Is there any way how to use direct metthod from another page in order to load a store?

    Note that purpose of whole excercise is as follows:
    I have two grids on aspx page, each take 10-20 seconds to load and both should be loaded in the same time, additionally both should support server paging and sorting
    I'm searching for a way how to load them together ( and I cannot mark whole page as RequireSessionState="Readonly" as there are other methods on page that require session variable access)
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    Quick question - what about an AjaxProxy referring to an .asxh?
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    In fact that's how I solved my problems, as it was relativelly urgent
    but it is by desing that with page proxy it does not work?

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    Well, I would not say it is by design that it is not working, but initially there was no intention to get it working. A PageProxy's destination is to make requests to the same page.

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