[CLOSED] Graph Tips for multiple bars

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    [CLOSED] Graph Tips for multiple bars

    For a grouped bar example http://examples2.ext.net/#/Chart/Bar/Basic/
    Can you define tips for each bar?
    I have it defined like this now:
         .Renderer(r => r.Handler = "this.setTitle(storeItem.get('Month') + ': Invoices: ' + storeItem.get('Invoices'));")
    Or just have the above tips definition multi line?

    Thank you
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    Hi #registrator,

    I guess you mean example?

    Seems there was such a request on the forums earlier with a possible solution.
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    Yes the question was mine and I have implemented the example you provided but here I am asking if I can have a tip for each bar separately.
    The code I posted creates a tip but it is the same one for all three bars. And since they have different values I would like to have different tips.

    Other solution I could use is to have one tip but the values in the tip to be vertically stacked.
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    but here I am asking if I can have a tip for each bar separately.
    Yes, I remember such a request. Please search in the forums and let me know if you are unable to find.
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    Thank you.
    This could be something useful:

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    Please clarify have you searched in the forums itself?
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    Yes, this was in one of the answers.
    Shows how to customize tips.
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    I have used this example but the grid does not show.
    			.Store(X.Store().Model(X.Model().Fields(X.ModelField().Name("name"), X.ModelField().Name("data"))))
    			.ColumnModel(X.Column().Text("Month").DataIndex("name").Width(50), X.Column().Text("Value").DataIndex("data").Width(40).Align(Alignment.Right))
    	.Renderer(l => l.Fn = "tipsRenderer")
    Can you please look at the above code and see if I have errors in my definition.
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    The piece of code that you posted appears to be configured correctly. Either we are missing something or the problem is inside other code.
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    It is correct, thank you Daniil.
    The height and width needed greater values. My bad.

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