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    Learning Tips

    May be this post is like a foolish ,but new people like in this field always hungry for knowledge.so I looking for expert tips which are very fruitful for us.

    From last one year I use Ext.Net and Ext js ,I can solve small problem with ext js but when some complicated issue arise I confused and post to forum and some expert solve the problem ,but at this point my job is ,my app is running but learning is 0 .some times for lack of my effort and some times because of the volume of the xt js frame work.
    some times I start learning there are lots of functions,reference and internal link I start moving from one page to another and after some time I lost in to the big javascript jungle.

    But I believe there are a trick to capture and learn ext js quickly,so if you guide me how I start with ext js documentation that give a good idea .because there are lots of function ,arguments which help us to build our app,its very difficult to remember each class functions .
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    As far as I experienced, I think the best way of learning is using it on a project practically and get assist from the examples in EXT .Net site. ( http://examples.ext.net/ ) . They examples are so clear as well as their source codes, but the point is that I think nobody would be able to know all of them without using them many times ! so I think the key point is just using them in more complex ways and doing new thing by what you have already now.

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