[CLOSED] window.open Popup

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    [CLOSED] window.open Popup

    When I press an ImageButton I show the contents of an html file via window.open. Everything works fine in Chrome, IE and Firefox.

    I also look at the ClientQueryString to determine if I need to show an html file and this is where I run into a issue. I tried the following, but each call is causing the Popup blocker to block the window.open.

     if (ClientQueryString.Length > 0)
               // X.Js.Call("showInfo");
               // MessageBus.Default.Publish("Popup.Archives");
               // MessageBus.Default.Publish("Popup.ArchivesClick");
    1. Call the javascript directly;
    2. Send a message on the bus and call the javascript function;
    3. Send a message on the bus and fire the click event on the ImageButton;

    I guess I can't mimic the ImageButton click so that the window.open isn't blocked.
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    Hi Chris,

    Yeah, a browser block a popup that is done in the context of AJAX request.

    Curious, does this work for you?
    X.Js.AddScript("setTimeout('showInfo();', 100);");
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    I feel you might not got a notification about my answer. So, posting a follow-up.
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    No ... the suggestion did not work either.
    X.Js.AddScript("setTimeout('showInfo();', 100);");
    I also tried:
    Where the MessageBus listener performed:
       <ext:MessageBusListener Name="Popup.ArchivesClick" Handler="App.mpInfo.el.dom.click();" />
    Since pressing the ImageButton directly showed the contents of an html file via window.open without any popup blocker I was hoping that I could do the same thing during the Page_Load while interpreting the ClientQueryString. But it doesn't seem possible.

    One thing that I didn't mention above is when I call the window.open I am using the third parameter to set various attributes for the window (such as window width & height, top & left, screen & screen, scrollbars and resizable).

    If you have no more suggestions you can close the thread.
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    Could you, please, provide an exact test case to reproduce the problem? To avoid misunderstanding. I would take a look in greater details.

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