Need Documentation on EXT.Net

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    Need Documentation on EXT.Net

    Dear EXT.Net developer team,Its a great experience for me to have good time with you guys ,team help me a lot to develop my application ,to learn .but I believe self learning is always a strong aspect to learn something new ,and for that if any body get some material which is easy to read (any one new or experienced developer both can understand how to work with it),visualize with some example(like syntax,sample code ) is very help full.But, EXT.Net documentation which can be found at I think don't have much ability to learn some one with depth knowledge,on other hand if I take ext js documentation by Sencha is good for learning and also visually strong.

    So I requesting entire EXT.Net team to give us a good documentation on EXT.Net Api to enrich our knowledge.

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    Hi @matrixwebtech,

    I absolutely agree, we must have better documentation, but I am afraid I cannot quite add anything to this post:
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    So are you planing in near future to publish a good documentation on Ext.Net?
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    We plan, but I cannot guarantee it will appear ever. It is a matter of resources.

    Apologize for the inconvenience.

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