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    [CLOSED] Window Not appear full

    Hi I have the next situation when I popup a Window inside a tab:

    the window header doesnt not appear complete, I'd like to show it full, and when I scroll the tab it must show the rest of the window. But when I popup the window, it seems it tries to show the window, but if the space in the tab is short it cuts the header, so the user cant see it.

    This is the rest of window when I scroll the tab:

    How can I show the window inside the tab, but without cutting the header.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi @rguardado,

    What about opening the Window outside of the tab?
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    Yes, but...

    Daniil, I open the window inside the tab, because the window is modal, and when I popup the window I just need that tab becomes modal.

    I think if I open the window outside the tab, all the tabs become modal, is it correct?

    In case I dont catch your idea, please describe how can I show the window as you suggest.

    Thanks again.
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    I am a little bit unsure what exactly you mean under "that tab becomes modal".

    But it looks you need a Window to be opened inside the tab, right? If so, please try to set Constrain="true" for the Window.

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