Hi everyone!

This is my first post here, but I've been using Ext.Net since my company decided to listen to my advice and buy it on October, 2014.

We work on:
-Visual Studio 2013
-Framework 4.0 and 4.5
-Windows 7
-WS 2008
-Ext.Net 2.5.3

Recently, I've been working on a monitoring project, so this was my first experience with charts on Ext.Net.

Problem is when I try to render two charts.
With a "for each" sequence I get data and load everything on two charts, specially the "lineseries.render.handler".
I try to change the line colour dinamically.

After the user select the reference number, the page and charts, gets update, but while the second chart goes ok, the first one do not gets the handler instructions and the line colour is not as the user has selected on the reference number.

Basically, with two charts inside collapsable panels, if colour of line changes dinamically (code behind), one chart renders ok, the other not.

Is there a known issue about this?

Also, on IE 11(updated) does not support collapsable panels very well, javascript throws "'hidden' not defined," no matter what. Anyways, on FF goes fine.

Sorry about my english, congrats for all of your work and greetings from Chile :)