[CLOSED] Multiupload upload multiple files at the same time when Drag&Drop was used

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    [CLOSED] Multiupload upload multiple files at the same time when Drag&Drop was used


    In the following example https://examples3.ext.net/Examples/M...ad/Basic/Grid/

    when multiple files are selected from "Browse..." dialog then all are being uploaded sequentially (one after another)
    This is the scenario I would like to have when Drag & Drop is used.

    When you drag & drop files and press upload then all files are being uploaded simultaneously.
    I am not sure if it is a bug or am I missing something here.

    Thank you,
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    Hi Matt,

    I'll try to explain what is happening.

    Uploading via drag&drop it is a browser's native functionality.

    At some point we decide to use that browser API with a MultiUpload.

    So, MultiUpload might upload files using two APIs:

    1. Flash API that comes with a base of MutliUpload control - SWF Uploader.
    2. Browser's native upload API.

    It is why it works in different ways.
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    Hi Danill,

    Thank you, in other words there is no way to "force" upload files one by one if they were dragged and dropped ?

    Simultaneous upload after drag and drop multiple files ...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Best Regards,
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    Drag & Drop method "Start Upload" repeat upload of already uploaded files.

    I think it is related to the different APIs You have mentioned above.

    When "dnd" method is used then every time you press "Start Upload" the all files are begin uploaded again. In "swfupload" mode the uploaded files are not uploaded again only these that were added.

    Can we do anything about it ?

    Thank you,
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    I don't see a simple API setting for that. But it doesn't mean that it is impossible.

    There is the Ext.net.XHRUpload class in Ext.Net\Build\Ext.Net\ux\multiupload\Ext.net.MultiUpload.js.

    Probably, it might be changed to organize a queue for dragged and dropped files.

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