dynamic links

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    dynamic links

    I'm generating a grid by the code behind of dynamic way, this grid have HyperLinkColumn and would like to know a way to spend links so that each line had a different link. If I put the link dataIndex as it will only bring the link, I need to show any text with different link on each line.
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    Please, take a look on example https://examples3.ext.net/#/GridPane...perlinkColumn/

    or post your code for more help...
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    dynamic links

    Thank you for answering.

    my research in the database returns more than one link, so when I do "for" to mount the column, it passes once and assigns the same link to the entire column.


     Dim dt As New DataTable
        Dim list As New List(Of ColumnBase)
        Dim listContOcorr As New List(Of Object)
        Protected Sub Page_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Me.Load
            If Not Page.IsPostBack Then
            End If
        End Sub
        Public Sub buildGrid()
            dt = SearchStrore()
            Dim sizeDt As Integer
            Dim numeroModels As String = "1"
            sizeDt = dt.Columns.Count
            For i As Integer = 0 To sizeDt - 1
                Me.buildModel(dt.Columns(i).ColumnName, i)
        End Sub
        Public Sub AddField(ByVal field As ModelField)
        End Sub
        Public Sub buildModel(ByVal nomeModel As String, ByVal indice As Integer)
            Me.AddField(New ModelField(nomeModel.ToString))
            Dim colunaMes As String = nomeModel.Split("/")(0)
            Dim ano As String
            Dim mes As String
            ano = nomeModel.Split("/")(0)
            mes = nomeModel.Split("/")(1)
            Dim coluna As New Ext.Net.HyperlinkColumn
            coluna.Width = "70"
            coluna.Align = Alignment.Center
            coluna.ID = "Col" & nomeModel.Replace("/", "")
            coluna.Text = nomeModel
            coluna.DataIndex = nomeModel
            coluna.Filterable = True
            'coluna.HrefPattern = here I get my link
        End Sub
        Public Sub buildStore()
            Me.storeOcorrencia.DataSource = dt
        End Sub
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    the "HyperLinkColumn" component enables the configuration of one link. Try using a "CustomColumn", see example https://examples3.ext.net/#/GridPane...Custom_Column/ and manually create links from html tags.
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    I created a custom column , as you said, with one record per link and used the dataindexHref to assign links to the HyperLinkColumn

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