[CLOSED] Build a tree.. How?

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    [CLOSED] Build a tree.. How?

    I want to build a Tree with the data getting from the database. The tree must be dynamical, because that can have different levels.


    1.- Select from a Combobox some data.
    2.- Use the Value from the data selected to search and retrieve another data from the database.
    3.- Load the data in a treepanel and automaticly build the tree

    Like I mentioned, the tree can have different levels, it depend for the data selected. (Ex. The data can have, three levels, or four levels, or five, etc).

    So, how I can do that? I see examples, and search in the internet, but I can't find that I need.

    Thanks a lot, Best Regards.
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    Hi @opendat2000,

    At first, we should understand that if an entire TreePanel should be created dynamically or just load different sets of data.

    I would recommend to start building a couple of static TreePanels with some static data. The similar (or just same) of those that you need to build dynamically. Such an example could clarify the requirement that is not clear at the moment.
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    Thanks for your reply.

    please can yo close the thread. I don't use the tree.

    Thanks a lo for all.

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