[CLOSED] Textfield trim on clientside

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    [CLOSED] Textfield trim on clientside

    Hi, I have this textfield:

                                <ext:TextField ID="tCurp" runat="server" FieldLabel="CURP" Name="tcurp" AllowBlank="false" MaxLength="18" EnforceMaxLength="true" FieldStyle="text-transform: uppercase;" FieldCls="bygl"/>
    As you can note it has allowblank tag, but I dont want whitespaces, and before I send the form to the server, how can I check(after a trim) if the textfield is empty?

    This is the button I use to "post" the information to the server:
            <ext:Button ID="btnE" runat="server" Text="Guarda" IconCls="iguarda">
                                <Click OnEvent="btnESave" 
                                    Before="return #{frmE}.isValid();"  //Here I need to have the check of the textfield
                                    Failure="Ext.MessageBox.alert('Error', 'Error Guardando Informacion');"
                                        <ext:Parameter Name="values" Value="#{frmE}.getForm().getValues()" Mode="Raw" Encode="true" />
                                    <EventMask ShowMask="true" Msg="Procesando Informacion..." />
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    Hi @rguardado,

    Please try a TextField's AllowOnlyWhitespace="false" setting.
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    It works

    Thanks, It does what I need.

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