Having defect on ext.net through our website application after running the loadtest

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    Having defect on ext.net through our website application after running the loadtest

    Our Website Application UI is created using ext.net . After we run the loadtest on our website we receive the failure on the following Urls of which related to the ext.net extension.

    http://ttac.ir/extjs/resources/ext_t...ptune-all-rtl- debug-embedded-css/ext.axd?v=10712
    We would appreciate if anyone could give us a hint or any suggestion that would fix these failures throughout our website
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    What do you mean under "we receive the failure on the following Urls "? What response for the following urls?
    Did you try CDN mode for resources?
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    Do you have the <Handlers> and <Modules> sections configured in the Web.config?


    If using MVC, please ensure you have added the following IgnoreRoute config to your Global.asax. See section VI. MVC Installation Tips of the README.txt document


    public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
        // Ignore all ext.axd embedded resource paths
    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Debug mode IE

    Thanks for your response ,
    We've faced another problem , to explore our website in IE our application must be in debug mode , if we exclude this part the login page is not displayed.

    <extnet theme="Neptune" scriptMode="Debug" />

    Whats your suggestion for it?
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