[CLOSED] error after upgrading to MVC 4

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    [CLOSED] error after upgrading to MVC 4


    I have a project using Ext.Net 2.2 and MVC 3. I had to upgrade to MVC 4, and now when I start up the webpage an exception is thrown in this function on the last line here:

    public static string BuildProxy(ViewContext viewContext)
                Dictionary<string, Dictionary<string, List<MvcDirectMethod>>> methods = MvcDirectMethod.GetGroupedMethods(viewContext);
                StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(256);
                UrlHelper urlHelper = new UrlHelper(viewContext.RequestContext, RouteTable.Routes);
    the Exception is
    System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: item

    and it appears to be the viewContext.RequestContext variable that is the problem.

    Anyone else seen this? Any ideas how to fix this problem? Thank you in advance!
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    Did you set assemblyBinding in web.config?
    See the following post

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